Vincent Aubert began to study photography in a self-taught way in 2003. From 2005 he has experimented with Holga and Polaroid cameras and in 2006, he participated to different group exhibition (Artazart Gallery, Paris). In 2008, Vincent Aubert participated in the eleventh edition of Descrubimientos PHE (Photo Espana 2008, Madrid) and "Their World" a series of medium format colour photography was selected. The exhibition took place in Complejo el Águila, Madrid, Spain."Their World" is a series that tenderly and light-heartedly reflect everyday moments.

The photographies of Vincent Aubert highlights the role chance plays in the photographic medium to transmit the nostalgic charm of life's fleeting instants.

Vincent Aubert, 1973
Artazart Gallery, Paris, France, 2006
Complejo el Águila, Madrid, Spain, 2008 (Photo España)
Parallax AF, La Galleria Pall Mall, London, UK, 2011

Shot of The Day #003, Pocket Polaroid series, 2007, Schwarzerfreitag
Descubrimientos 2008, La Fabrica Editorial
H0lg4 Book, 2010,

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